SEO Services in Pakistan

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SEO is a complex, constantly changing way of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic reaching your website by being able to rank high on search engine pages. But hang on, Intelligent Business Technologies is here to solve your this problem by providing its best SEO services in Pakistan and worldwide.

It is a changing process as Google or other search engines tend to change their algorithms, just when some genius has cracked the code to optimize their website accurately.

But you’re wondering if it’s that complex, how will you be able to use it to your advantage? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Before we dive into how SEO actually works and how we master it, let’s give you an insight into its importance
SEO Services in Pakistan

Best SEO Services in Pakistan

Best SEO Services in Pakistan

Say, you want to research a product or service that you are not familiar with. What’s the first thing you’ll do? You’ll obviously open a search engine – specifically Google and type away. The word or words are your “keywords”. These keywords play a major role in being able to draw in traffic for websites that use them correctly.

After searching it up on a search engine page and you’ll click on the first few links that catch your eye. How did those specific websites, out of the thousands, manage to make themselves most prominent? That’s all SEO. Providing the right content related to your keyword(s) will land you enough reach to increase your business growth.

Seem intriguing, right?

Here’s how our SEO experts at IBT play along with the smartly changing algorithm of Google to optimize your website so it can draw in more traffic and engage with a wider range of audience and potential clients by ranking on the top page of the search engine.

SEO Processes at IBT

Landing page optimization

A landing page is a standalone web page where you’re able to let your potential customers and viewers know what you’re offering.

At IBT, by optimizing your landing page we improve the problems within the page without demolishing the whole page in order to increase traffic to your website keeping in mind the quality and quantity.

Top Ranking Keywords

At IBT, we keep in mind the interest of your potential customer for the product and services you’re offering. We think of keywords that will benefit you the most.

The keyword(s) we opt for would match your potential customer’s search. Your keywords will co-relate with the products you’re selling.

You’ll be obviously dealing with many keywords as most websites offer a wide range of products and services, so we make sure to use the appropriate keyword for the right product.

Link Building

Link building is building up backlinks to make your website more visible on the search engine. Our professionally sound and able SEO experts exploit different tactics like public relations, the use of broken links, content marketing, reaching out to potential customers via e-mail, etc. to optimize your website.


You should be well informed about what your customers want. It is them who will decide whether they’re interested in viewing your content. Being willing to listen to their feedback or reading their reviews is a crucial part of being able to optimize your website to make it more reachable. We consider each and every bit of it while doing SEO for you.

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