77 Veggie

77 Veggie

Web Design, SEO, SMM
10 March, 2023
5000 AED

Introduction to the Project:

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a strong online presence is crucial for businesses to thrive. IBT, a leading web development and digital marketing agency, took on the challenge of catapulting 77 Veggie, a health-conscious brand specializing in vegetarian products, into the digital realm. Tasked with designing and developing a WordPress website from scratch, implementing SEO strategies, and running targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, IBT embarked on a comprehensive digital journey to elevate 77 Veggie’s online presence.

Problem Faced by 77 Veggie:

77 Veggie, despite offering high-quality vegetarian products, faced the significant challenge of not having an online presence. This absence hindered their ability to connect with a wider audience, capitalize on the growing trend of online shopping, and establish a digital footprint in the competitive market. Without a website, they were missing out on potential customers, online sales, and brand recognition.

Solution Provided by IBT:

WordPress Website Development:
Speed Optimization
Security Measures:
Social Media Advertising on Facebook and Instagram:

Results and Impact:

The collaborative efforts between IBT and 77 Veggie yielded transformative results. The brand now boasts a visually appealing and highly functional website, optimized for search engines and secured against potential threats. The targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, coupled with SEO strategies, significantly increased brand visibility and drove a notable uptick in online sales. 77 Veggie is now positioned as a prominent player in the digital landscape, successfully connecting with health-conscious consumers and expanding its market reach.

In conclusion, the holistic digital strategy implemented by IBT showcases the power of a comprehensive approach in overcoming challenges and propelling a brand to success in the competitive online marketplace.


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