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10 June, 2021
17 June 2021
1999 AED

Introduction to the Project:

Trinet, a prominent outdoor advertising company in Dubai, recognized the need to establish a strong online presence to showcase their services and reach a wider audience. IBT, a leading web development agency, partnered with Trinet to design and develop their first-ever website. Tasked with creating a custom WordPress website that reflected Trinet’s brand identity while incorporating essential features like speed optimization, SEO, security, and responsiveness, IBT embarked on a mission to elevate Trinet’s digital presence.

Problem Faced by Trinet

Despite being a reputable outdoor advertising company, Trinet faced the challenge of not having an online platform to showcase their services and portfolio. This lack of digital presence hindered their ability to attract potential clients, showcase their expertise, and compete effectively in the competitive Dubai market. Without a website, Trinet was missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with their target audience and grow their business online.


Custom WordPress Website Development
Speed Optimization
SEO Optimization
Security Measures
Responsive Design


The collaboration between IBT and Trinet resulted in a transformative digital presence for the outdoor advertising company:

  • Enhanced Online Visibility: Trinet’s custom WordPress website provided them with a powerful platform to showcase their services, portfolio, and expertise, significantly enhancing their online visibility and brand recognition.
  • Increased Leads and Conversions: With a professionally designed and optimized website, Trinet experienced a notable increase in leads and conversions, as potential clients were impressed by the company’s online presence and portfolio.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: The user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation of Trinet’s website facilitated better engagement with visitors, encouraging them to explore the company’s services and contact Trinet for inquiries and collaborations.

In conclusion, the successful partnership between IBT and Trinet demonstrates the transformative impact of a custom WordPress website in overcoming challenges, enhancing online visibility, and driving business growth in the competitive outdoor advertising industry.

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